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Myofascial Release Workshop

$25Purchase required to enroll
Have you heard about Fascia?!? Fascia is the thin webbing covering our entire body from head to toe. Until recently this webbing in between our muscle and skin was thought to be of little use. However, in the past several years we are coming to understand the value of Fascia, having an acute ability to hold trauma, memory and stress. Our Fascia has it's own intelligence. It is directly linked to the overall health and wellness of our physical and mental well being as well as how we recover from injury, trauma and how we age. In this 2 hour workshop we will cover everything you need to know in order to begin your own Myofascial Release journey toward wellness. We will utilize many different sizes and shapes of massage balls to locate and release different points in the body from head to toe. We will also learn about and use essential oils as another tool to deepen the experience. This is not a Yoga class but more of an exploration into the body and appropriate for all levels from novice to Athlete. Please dress comfortably avoiding loose and baggy clothing as it has a tendency to slide and slip under the balls and bring a glass or metal (no plastic please) water bottle.
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